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That. One. Last. Tooth.



Right now my arch nemesis in life is the Little Mister’s one last molar. It has haunted me for weeks. Taunting us. Causing pain to my child (it really knows how to hit where it hurts by getting to the one I love). It is the worst tooth of all the teeth. ALL OF THEM. And things got pretty hairy back in the baby days, let me tell you.

My arch nemesis also knows that sleep deprivation is the best torture. Nights have been spent sitting up with an anxious Little Mister. Weathering the pain together. It’s been a long time between new teeth and it’s been strange reacquainting ourselves with the whole ‘teething’ thing. Nothing that worked back then works now. That’s the tricky thing. The Little Mister is older, more aware. His needs have changed ever so slightly.

He’s got a new amber necklace to replace the old one which has been lost over time. He clings onto his giraffe blankie and filled with the occasional dose of ibuprofen he tries so hard to be a brave boy…until it wears off. See, it is supposed to last 6-8 hours, but in him it only lasts five. So I sit with him in the night waiting for him to fall asleep again or until it’s time to give him another pain killing dose – whichever comes first. I hate giving him drugs, but I hate him being in pain.

When he’s in pain he gets anxious. Then he gets so used to being anxious that it almost becomes some kind of habit he’s resigned himself to. A terrible cycle. Pain. Anxiety. Pain. Anxiety.

“Sad bed,” he’ll tell me before he’s even laid down for the night.

“Sad mouth,” he’ll tell me when he wakes up in the morning.

This molar spent weeks, painfully busting up against the Little Mister’s gums. Never poking through, just sitting there reminding us of its presence. Now little white peaks around the edges are starting to reveal themselves, ever so slowly, day by day.

My sleep is broken and I feel very hard done by, because I’d become spoilt by the lack of teething problems in the night. Had started to take for granted the ability for all in my household to sleep through the entire night. I have felt the ‘I have a good sleeper’ guilt and feel even more in awe of my friends who have not been so blessed since day one to year 2 and beyond. I probably don’t have the right to whine, but Twitter at 3am has become my salvation. Thank goodness for smart phones and electronically stored books. On the bright side, I have finished that book I was slogging through 3 pages per night for the longest time.

My brain has become fuzzy around the edges, I’m a little slower on the uptake as I go about my daily business. My social awkwardness levels skyrocket as I fumble for the right words with shop assistants and people who cross my path throughout the day. I feel like a bumbling mess and I keep reminding myself that I survived the early days when sleep was scarce. Auto pilot was in action. I got used to little sleep and it just became what you did. If you kept having ‘quiet’ days to recuperate, then you didn’t have a life! So you kept going. How do I find that feeling again? I told you I’ve been spoilt!

Never have I been more relieved that I do not have a little itty bitty baby AS WELL, like many of my friends currently do (hats off!).

So we sit. And we wait. Find comfort in the fact that this is the very last one. This won’t last forever. At some point this tooth will emerge completely and… before I know it, they’ll all start falling out again. So what was the point in all of this again?

What are your best teething tips and tricks? How about toddler anxiety? x 

What we’ve been up to: March-April 2014.


Sometimes life feels like one big blur and I easily forget all of the things we have enjoyed/achieved or survived! I want to be able to look back and appreciate it all. It’s also a way of remembering what to say when someone asks, “What have you been up to lately?” because I blank out every. single. time.


Friends and family.

In the past month, I celebrated the temporary arrival home of a beautiful friend (who stays with her fiancé in the US). We caught up a couple of times and the Little Mister appears to have a bit of a crush (he won’t stop talking about her)! I miss this gal so much and I am so excited for her next trip home – we’re going to have a hens night!

Mr Unprepared and I dressed up like old people for an old (haha) friend’s 30th birthday party and played lawn bowls badly.


The next day I backed it up with a kitchen tea for Mr Unprepared’s gorgeous cousin. I tried to look young again, but I was feeling a little ordinary! It was so great to catch up with the ‘ladies in-laws’ and this made me excited for the May wedding!

We caught up with some friends at the beach for a play date and I wish I’d taken photos because the weather was stunning! The Little Mister made a little friend and everyone made sand castles. I still have SO MUCH cuttlefish to clean out of the back of my car (thank you little collectors)!

I had dinner with a couple of girlfriends chatting about everything. EVERYTHING. It was nice to get out of town and driving home was a little exciting (or scary) as a storm had suddenly appeared! The lightning was amazing as we headed down the freeway. I would have taken photos but then we would have died. So sorry.

We celebrated my mother in law’s birthday last weekend and you’d swear the Little Mister thought it was his birthday.

It was great to have a slightly quieter month, with lots of quality time with my grandparents. I love that the Little Mister gets to see them so much (especially as he’s old enough to remember them), so we take any opportunities we can. The Little Mister has become very good at asking for “coffee and a muffin”. He doesn’t get coffee of course (can you imagine?!!), but he’s been brainwashed by all the adults in his life (except me)! Very impressionable haha.

Travel plans. 

Lots was achieved in this area. We booked all of our accommodation in Korea and in a big rush (accommodation options were being booked up by the minute), we also somehow managed to sort out Japan. Now we just have to get the train and coach transport sorted! It’s great because now we can think of all the fun stuff we’d like to see/do. We’re busy figuring out what we’ll be packing and what we’ll be carrying it in with all manner of back packs, suitcases and carry bags! We have an abundance of great luggage, but no idea which combination we’ll use for easy travel! We had several family meetings over whichever weekends we could all get together (we are going with my parents and brother), where everyone sat around with all the Apple products you have ever seen, researching and confusing ourselves with ALL OF THE REVIEWS on tripadvisor.


The Little Mister. 

We’ve been potty training. It started off a little rocky (not sure that he was quite ready yet) but he had some developmental spurts and suddenly something has clicked. We just do it at home for now, with nappies while we’re out, but he’s doing great. I learnt that the anticipation of toilet training a toddler for the first time was actually scarier (terrifying in fact) than just mucking in and giving it a go. We took a relaxed and positive approach and it seems to have paid off. It’ll be a while before we’re all the way there, but we’re not rushing – just taking it a step at a time. I get a little bit over the top excited when he takes himself to the potty without my help (or even without me noticing on occasion). So proud!

I have noticed that he is finally teething again. His last ever molar. Last I checked it was a bit bruised under the gum and waiting to cut through. Another of many little milestones.

We had a bit of a fun practice day for our big holiday with him recently. My mum and I took him on the train to the city for the first time. He was so good and only got the littlest bit restless (this was all without the aid of any electronic devices which I’m sure would help even more on longer journeys). We bought some things for our trip and then had sushi for lunch. He was so cute, trying to copy us as he ate his tuna roll. He loved the little fish shaped soy sauce squeezie thingies. Who doesn’t, right? He asks to go on the train all the time now. Breaks my heart to tell him we’re just going to the supermarket haha.

The (well…slightly more) boring stuff.

We’ve been busy budgeting and squirrelling away holiday money. It’s been going better than we expected. Just goes to show that when you pay closer attention to what you spend, there are so many savings to be made! It’s made me appreciate what we have so much more and has made me realise just how much more financially comfortable we can be even when we’re not saving for a trip. I think we’ll do things a lot differently when we return from Japan and Korea. Money has been tight in the past too, but I think it’s easier when you know it’s for a really awesome reason.

While having a family budget isn’t very new to us, we did add the extra meal planning aspect. Groceries can be so much more streamlined when you know exactly what you’re eating each week. You don’t have to buy “just in case” food items or waste as much food. Saving money – yay!

We’ve been enjoying more family time, visiting the farmers markets, exercising together, taking the Little Mister to just about every park ever. Running wild on the beach. We didn’t always have that balance in life before and it feels good.


Now that I look at what I’ve written, we’ve been fairly busy in between all the usual daily routine stuff we have to do all week. Sometimes I get all weird and think I haven’t done enough or seen enough people (it’s a weird insecurity that bugs me from time to time and I’m working on not equating being ‘busy’ with feeling important). It’s good to check in with myself and appreciate it all.

So…what have YOU been up to lately? x

(Part of) A day in the life with a 2 and a bit year old.



The Little Mister is 2 years and 4 months old. Already. That’s 28 months old for those who are good at maths (you don’t want to know how absurdly long it took for me to actually add that up in my head – TIRED).

You saw my post on a day in the life of having an almost 2 year old, but now for posterity’s sake (like a snap shot in time to look back on), I feel it’s time for a new instalment.

I was…

…woken when Mr Unprepared got out of bed early in the morning to get ready and leave for work. The sound of the shower also woke the Little Mister from the other end of the house. Luckily, the Little Mister went back to sleep but I knew I was doomed. I thought that on the bright side, I could spend some quiet time catching up on blogs and lounging about in bed for another couple of hours. That precious alone time that seems so fleeting these days. About five minutes into enjoying my favourite blogs, my tummy felt all crampy and uncomfortable. Turned out I’d strained my stomach muscles (this has happened once before) after a massive day wrangling the Little Mister yesterday. Sometimes I just can’t take it. Everyone looks at me and wonders how I lift him so many times a day (he’s big for his age and I’m small for mine haha). While I’m proud of being pretty strong these days, it turns out I have my limits.

Long story short, my so called early morning leisure time turned into toilet time. I will not say any more on the matter, other than it was NOT relaxing and I felt gross.

First thing…

…in the morning, the Little Mister started chanting “Van? Trip! Van! Trip! Pwease!”

Puzzled, I asked, “Huh? Did you say you want to go on a trip in the camper van?”

The poor kid then thought I was offering and jumped up and down on the spot in excitement, thinking we would just pick up and go on a camping holiday right then and there.

I let him down gently and he seemed to accept that we were not indeed embarking on a mid week holiday by ourselves, with no preparation whatsoever. Crisis averted.


…the Little Mister had a potty emergency which required me running with him out of the play room and towards his potty. I was in such a rush with him that I stepped on the one small piece of Lego out of his whole big Duplo collection. Yep. The one small piece out of hundreds of big (not so hurty) blocks. OWWWWWW. Am I a part of the club now? I feel like I’m a real parent now. Did I mention I was also on the phone to my mum at the time and a tiny little drip of wee got on my shorts and I was in such a rush to get started with the day that I Febrezed it because ain’t nobody got time to go get changed?? This is real talk. Seriously.

We started to make some headway towards leaving the house for the grocery shop and pharmacy, when the Little Mister then asked for yoghurt about 50 times and broke into the lounge room and snuck a handful of my secret stash of M+Ms from a party favours bag I’d acquired on the weekend. Y’know, after not wanting breakfast.


..we were finally ready to head to the shops for reals, the Little Mister refused to go with me, insisting that he ‘drive’ his little red bubble car there. And no, we don’t live within walking distance, so it’s not something we’ve ever done either. He just thought it was possible. I had to get in the car by myself (in the garage) and wait for him. He got the idea… eventually.

This was all before 9:30am.

After this, the day continued with me trying to teach the Little Mister how to say dump truck (“Dumb F—“) and hitting my head on the dryer about 4 times in the same place (explains my slow brain) while trying to clean various potty training paraphernalia throughout the day. I might have said ‘dump truck’ to myself a few times.

I also spent the day deciding whether or not to respond when the Little Mister yelled, “POTTY! POTTY! QUICK! QUICK!” in a sneaky attempt to get my attention when he did not indeed need the potty quickly (or at all).

Update: Immediately after I hit ‘publish’ on this post, the Little Mister found the soap I’d bought and unwrapped each bar like a kid at Christmas. Mr Unprepared found him with one in each hand looking gleeful, announcing, “Two soaps!”

And tomorrow we’ll probably do it all again! Life is definitely not boring with a 2 and a bit year old in the house!

How was your day?

Frumpier is comfier.

Last weekend I was such a nanna. Usually when I say this, I mean I spent the evening at home sprawled on the couch watching TV, trying not to fall asleep before 8:30pm and making peace with the fact that I can’t drink more than half a glass of wine before I feel a bit drunk and woozy.

But last weekend I was not at home. I was at a friend’s 30th birthday party dressed like some kind of Mrs Doubtfire/old lady from Tweety bird cartoons hybrid. Stunning. I know.

It was time to show ourselves off in all our op shopped glory.

I never realised how liberating it is to be ‘old’. The frumpier I was, the comfier I was. In fact that will be my motto.

“Frumpier is comfier”. I like it.

When you’re old (or even just pretending), you can be a clumsy hot mess all the time. You don’t care how you look or what others think of you and you can say wildly inappropriate things and they seem funnier and more adorable.

Also. Lawn bowls (which I suck at but that’s besides the point).

Sure, I don’t actually know many old people who are as ridiculous as we were on the weekend, but that didn’t stop us from hamming it up!

Maybe it was the ‘memory loss medicine’ aka several shots of liquor?


Yes. Nannas take selfies. Is this the future? Scary, huh? Seriously, can you imagine old people stopping to take bathroom mirror selfies on their way out the door to meet their friends for a game of bridge (I don’t even know what that is)? On their iPhone 500s?

It was amusing looking at all these grey haired people sitting chatting in the corner of the party, engrossed in their iPhones or moshing to music from ‘back in the day’…Silverchair. OK, so it was only two of us who were ‘moshing’. The birthday girl and I. And we weren’t so much moshing as we were jumping up and down making stupid faces and making sure there weren’t old lady boobs flying everywhere (I do not speak for myself here haha – sorry mate)!


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow old with your husband? Well, I found out…


Anyway, don’t say I didn’t update you. By far, this was the best fancy dress party theme I’ve ever had the joy of dressing up for. Hope I’ve brightened your day… or scared you so much that your day can only go up from here!

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It’s getting real.



So it’s really happening. The flights were booked and paid for yesterday. This means that in roughly 3 months’ time, we are headed to both South Korea and Japan. With my parents, my brother and a two and a half year old. What could possibly go wrong? *hyperventilates*

This is really exciting and it’s a trip we have talked about doing for years, but we never managed to get our timing right as a bigger family group. You see, my brother and I were adopted (separately – 3 years apart) as babies from Korea, and despite showing little to no interest in where we were born for most of our lives (my parents tried their best but we were having none of it haha), we’ve started to become more curious about what it might be like to visit for a holiday as adults.

None of us wanted to do the journey without everybody else, so it’s been harder to organise. I feel like we’ve been talking about it forever! Except now it’s real. We figured that we should head off while my grandparents are well, I’m not planning on being pregnant (and being very careful not to be!), my brother will have a bit of time to travel and my parents…well, any excuse 😉

While we’ll more than likely see the areas we were born and that certain emotions are bound to emerge, the focus of the trip to Korea is more from a tourists’ point of view. Just like any other journey around the world, we’re curious about a culture and history different to our own. We want to check out the scenery. Get to know the big cities. Eat the food (duh).

We then chucked Japan in there, because why not? It’s somewhere my brother has already travelled (and has enjoyed) but for the rest of the group, it’s been on our “must see” lists for a fair while.

I feel a bit nervous. I’m not a naturally gifted traveller (despite usually enjoying it immensely once we head off) and I am not very experienced in overseas adventures, having missed that rite of passage while I was younger (and childless – silly Kez). I get a bit anxious and never know what to pack or how to prepare. I’m feeling the enormity of catering for a 2 year old in a country where English isn’t always used and I don’t know the lay of the land (I guess that’s the point of going and exploring). I worry about safety and transport for a small, restless child. I worry about being on the go constantly without stopping enough – about the Little Mister getting a bit feral. I worry about toilet training (we’re in early days right now). I also worry that I might feel really emotional visiting Korea. What feelings will it bring up? Will I handle them well or will I have an exhausted meltdown at an inopportune moment? I mean, I’ve spent my whole life coming to terms with my identity as a white Aussie trapped in an Asian body! What if this trip unravels my sense of security that I’ve worked so hard to achieve?

I can’t deal with all the ‘what ifs’ right now, I do know that. They are just that. What ifs. I will just have to go with the flow and see where it all takes me. Either way, it will be a fantastic learning experience. For all of us. It’s truly a once in a lifetime journey we’re going to be taking and I remind myself of that whenever I feel a bit unsure. I’d regret it so much if I didn’t go.

Now it’s time to save like crazy people for a trip we probably couldn’t really afford if we wanted to be really sensible, to plan our accommodation and ‘must see’ lists. To gather information. We really are just seizing the moment. Carpe Diem and all that sh*t. But not YOLO because…ew.

It’s really going to happen and I feel awesomely unprepared. Bring it on.

Got any travel tips for South Korea or Japan? I’d love to hear your experiences x

January 2012: Post pregnancy hair fall.

I wrote this in January 2012 (yes…2 whole years ago). I promptly forgot to publish it. Was probably the baby brain. Enjoy…



It’s started. I heard this could happen, but I tried not to think about it. I just swished my beautiful voluminous, swishy hair over my shoulder and said to myself, “Pfft. As if! Not me!”

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the fact that while my Little Mister’s hair seems to be growing longer and thicker (and higher) every day, my own hair is falling out in handfuls. And that doesn’t count the hair that literally falls out of my head in baby handfuls (apparently my hair is a wonderful rope for babies to hold onto). Look, I’ll admit it. In the past (BC: Before Child) I was known to occasionally block a shower drain with my moulting tresses. Just ask my husband. However, now I am losing my precious strands all day every day! I don’t think I would ordinarily notice so much, but when you have a baby within a couple of inches from your face all the time, it’s pretty obvious. I find myself picking my hairs off his nappies, out of his tiny hands (oh and for those who don’t know, trivial fact – babies get hand lint like bellybutton lint but in their hands), off his face and any clothing or wraps I use for him.

I am afraid that one day I will lose him and won’t think to check the pile of hair in his cot. That will be the scariest day of my life.

This hair loss has something to do with pregnancy hormones leaving my body. Or something. Either way, it’s hormonal. But only I’m allowed to blame anything on hormones. Men should never blame things on a woman’s hormones, just a heads up. It won’t end well.

Today at my New Parents Group (A PC way of saying Mothers Group), we were given a big double sided sheet of “pleasurable” activities we should partake in so that we get in some of that precious “me time” everyone keeps talking about. I haven’t read it properly, but besides reading erotica or playing golf (no joke) I am sure it says something about getting a hair cut/style done. I don’t think I’ll have any hair left to work with so perhaps I should buy me some Mills and Boon while having a putt. We’re supposed to complete something on that list before next week’s Mothers Group as homework (although no-one’s going to check – let’s be honest). I think I’ll just stare at a blank wall and see what fatigue induced hallucinations I can conjure up. Surely, staring at a blank wall is on the list.

New Year’s Resolutions 2013: How did I go?



As 2013 rapidly comes to a close, I’ve been thinking about whether I lived up to my new year’s resolutions. I’ve never really made any before, because I’ve always believed them to be bullsh*t. I’m usually the chick who goes on about how we should make resolutions and improvements all year round blah blah, but I must have been in some kind of post-Christmas cheer fog or something! I don’t regret it, though. I must have made them because I really needed to at the time. So, here’s how I went:

Look after my body and mind.

OK, so I didn’t lose 7kg. In fact, from day 1 of 2013, I have only lost about 2kg all year. My weight fluctuated as I comfort ate my way through some stress – something I’ll always be working on (and currently am with the help of my fitbit which I purchased to help me track everything).

BUT… I did make more regular hair appointments than usual. If by ‘usual’ I mean more than twice a year. Still. An improvement. It can be difficult to remember/plan/find appointment times that allow me to leave the Little Mister. But I did it. Go me! I couldn’t find time/money to get my nails done professionally, but I did do my own nails all year. I treated myself to some bottles of OPI polish every now and then, and made sure to replace chipped (or more likely obliterated) polish with fresh home manicures/pedicures (some more aesthetically pleasing than others). Just that small gesture towards myself did actually help me to feel good.

I bought more make up products (lipsticks and eyeliner) and used some nice facial scrubs/cleansers, but I know I could definitely invest in myself a bit more. I did finally (this month – scraping in there) purchase some much needed bronzer and mascara though. Yay.

Overall – a win 🙂

Organise gifts/special occasions ahead of time so I can be creative.

Look, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t as awesome at this as I hoped to be, but I did do marginally better. It might have been borne of necessity as you have to manage your time better when you have a toddler in your midst. I haven’t felt as out of control of it all as I did last year, so I’d call that a win.

I bought my November child his birthday (and some of his Christmas) presents MID YEAR at the toy sales. So that’s something. While I didn’t do so well with gifts for friends, I did budget more carefully so I could contribute to group gifts for friends a bit more often. I do have my Pinterest board of cool gift ideas, but to be honest (as happens with these things), it’s not really gone anywhere.

I don’t feel guilty about everything anymore, which I think is the key. I think the guilt was the whole motivation behind this resolution. I’ve realised that while there are some “super mum” types out there who can coordinate parties and gifts way in advance, somehow appearing to be everything to everyone, I am not one of them. I do my best because I care, but I don’t beat myself up as much as I did last year when it falls short of my own expectations. I can always improve, that’s for sure and I am appreciating that with the Little Mister getting older, I do find I have the ability to use BOTH of my hands (and a percentage of my brain) to get stuff done as time goes on.

Improve my blog.

I made a joke about how having a MacBook Air would change EVERYTHING, thinking it would never happen on our budget, but lo and behold, my April birthday brought with it the very baby that I am typing this post on now. Mr Unprepared did a little crowd funding (i.e. asking all our family members for a little help) and I was so grateful to everyone. I now can blog on a little laptop with a reliable battery. It doesn’t take 50 years to start up or shut down like my old dinosaur laptop. I can sit anywhere with it (yeah yeah I know that’s the point) and still keep an eye out for the Little Mister while I quickly post something or take care of some home admin. Also? Everything looks pretty and I kind of like not using Windows anymore. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw (but with less shoes and a kid and …OK so we’re nothing alike).

I asked my gorgeous interwebby friend Em to help me design some bloggy things and it took a little tweaking but I’m really enjoying the look of my blog at the moment. So much nicer than what I started the year with. Thanks, lady!!

I also started submitting some of my posts to iVillage Australia’s iBlog Friday round ups. I was a winner twice and that meant being republished in full twice too (not to mention some cute prizes). It felt really nice to share my writing with a wider audience and I am grateful for the other blogs I’ve started reading as a result.

I finally found the courage to invite more ‘real life’ friends/family to follow me and it’s kind of fun not being completely anonymous anymore. I feel like I’ve grown into myself a lot more since starting the blog. As for its Facebook page, I’ve got a whole entire hundred and thirty something followers haha. I might still be a very small fish, but I am grateful for all of you. It’s more than I started the year with! 🙂

Home Makeoverrrrrrrrr!

So…what did I get done?? Not a whole lot. As usual, I had ideas. As usual, I didn’t follow through as life got busy or unpredictable. So…we removed a garden bed and let the grass grow over it? I bought some new fabric to re-style some canvas wall hangings and then decided it wasn’t right? I vacuumed a few times? I pinned stuff on Pinterest?

Don’t worry. I’m still super excited about making our house better. We’re going to paint the whole facade in new colours and I’m going to make the Little Mister an awesome ‘big boy’ bedroom in 2014. Honest. I mean it. Truly. We will.

Date nights/days.

It’s hard to find time to date each other, but Mr Unprepared and I did focus more on ourselves as a couple this year. We went on a couple of dates at least – mostly during the day haha. This meant saying no to other people a bit more (something we found hard at first) and asking for more babysitting favours (also hard to do because I hate asking for help – I hate putting people out), but all in all it was an improvement.

Even though getting out as a couple (child free) can prove challenging, I think we did try harder to focus on couple time and improving our relationship. So I think the spirit of this resolution definitely shone through. As funny as it sounds, spending dedicated time as a little family even felt like dating because it was always time spent out of love. Focusing more on quality time has been so nice.

I don’t regret putting “us” first at all.

Overall, I think I did fairly well. Even though I didn’t quite nail a couple of the resolutions I made, I still feel a shift in my mindset towards those goals. I think having resolutions did really help me focus on where I wanted to be by the end of this year. The jury is still out on whether I’ll make resolutions for 2014, but I know I can continue to improve on the ones I made for 2013.

How did you go? How do you feel about new year resolutions? x

2013’s (Un)Forgettable, Unbloggable Moments.


Ah, yes. Another of the usual ‘year in review’ posts, you’re thinking. No. No. This is not your usual recapping of a period of 12 months. This is not the noteworthy stuff I’ve already blogged about. This post is all about the things that you never heard about because they weren’t that bloggable at the time. These are the silly little things that happened in 2013. These are the usually forgettable moments, which I’ve found hidden away in my daily planner or worse, my brain. I am sure you’ll find that the year will start with lots of entries, then dwindle as I lost interest in my diary. So a pretty typical year for me. I’m such a new stationery whore.

Enjoy (maybe after a couple of drinks so you think I’m much funnier and better looking).


New Year’s Day – I whinged a lot in great detail about the overly hot weather and the fact that Mr Unprepared snored all night and sleep talked. I think I whinged in great detail, mainly because I was in love with starting a new diary and wanted to fill the pages.

2nd – I ate spring rolls from the food court at the shopping centre. Big day, ya’ll.

4th – Got sick for the first time since the Little Mister was born. Pretty good effort, immune system.

8th – Had nachos for dinner. Bugged Mr Unprepared with my favourite nacho related joke: “What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? NACHO CHEESE.”
As usual, he was not that impressed. What’s wrong with him? It’s hilarious. Also on this day, I celebrated because he bought himself some boxer shorts that didn’t display his junk through a massive hole in the crotch. So that’s a win. I’m so getting in trouble for that. But he didn’t like my nacho cheese joke so it all evens out really – karma. Or something.

13th – Beat Mr Unprepared while bowling with his family. I mean, I didn’t beat him as in BEAT him with my bare hands. I mean I beat him with my mad bowling skills. I tried to write skills with a ‘z’ on the end, but my computer autocorrected it. Even my computer knows douche spelling when it sees it.

17th – Rocked up at my mum’s fairly spontaneously. My brother made me some fancy pasta lunch. Score. Yes. I note all of my food moments in my diary. What of it?

20th – My BFF from primary school came over with an awesome circus tent (IKEA) for the Little Mister. This was the best gift ever. We have spent many hours this year reading stories in there, playing peek-a-boo through the windows, and hiding from the Little Mister. Did I say that last one out loud? Behind the circus tent is also the Little Mister’s favourite place to hide so he can do poos in private (in his nappy). Fact.

27th – I found the need to describe my awfully upset stomach in great detail in my diary (my poor poor diary) on this date. I won’t inflict that on you. Although, it made me realise I’d strained my stomach muscles too much the day before chasing after the Little Mister at our friends’ house for Australia day celebrations.

28th – The Little Mister tried cow’s milk for the first time and liked it. The weaning began and it wasn’t half bad. Phew!


10th – The Little Mister slept for four hours. And it didn’t wreck his night time sleep. That was a great day.

11th – I professed to my diary, my undying love for blogging. Duh. You can call me Captain Obvious.

16th – Saw an actual movie while it was actually still at the cinemas. It was the Silver Linings Playbook. Had no idea what to expect, but it was really cool. Yay for date days! Yes, date DAYS. Sometimes it’s just easier that way!

21st – I did an hour’s Zumba work out. Only to go to my parents’ house and pig out on my brother’s cooking. Oops. This happens a lot.

26th – On this date, all I wrote was “Need: Milk” and ticked it off. I’d say that day was a big success.


18th – Mum and Dad got a new kitten. Named Jasper. He is a ridiculous cat. Acts much like a toddler. I think the Little Mister and him have some kind of soulmate connection. So cute.

19th – My diary reads, “Took the Little Mister to the beach. Stole some sand.” I am a crafting criminal. I didn’t steal that much. Just a jar full. Y’know. So I could imitate something I saw on Pinterest. Stop judging me.



9th – My family forced me to eat curry again while we were in Tasmania. I just focused on the naan bread. It’s all a non curry eater like me can do, really.

10th – Still in Tasmania. Went for a reeeeally long drive with Mr Unprepared, the Little Mister and my brother. My parents, aunty and uncle were in another car. We spent the whole time talking about how good it would be if dolphins acted as taxis after a drunken night out in a coastal location. We decided that it would be awesome to have a dolphin named Dolph Lundgren and how awful it would be if you got sick and vommed in a dolphin’s blowhole while it was taking you on a magical sea journey home. I have audio recordings of this ridiculous conversation and now that I think about it, I hope the Little Mister didn’t understand a word! I think we all just needed to let off steam after a stressful few weeks. We laughed so hard.

21st – My last birthday as a 20-something! I just wanted to have a low key day after a big month. It was great. My brother served up the most amazing surf and turf (his own really cool interpretation of a classic dish) and I had two desserts. This day also marked the day my whole family chipped in for a MacBook Air for me. It has changed my blogging experience hugely. Yay! 🙂


26th – “Went to the shops for milk. Forgot the milk.” Obviously I was in fine form that day.


2nd – Little Mister had his vaccinations. I wrote in my diary, “Bring purple book!” (a book with his medical care details in it). Underneath was a sad face and “Forgot purple book”. Still on fire.

4th – I weighed in at the least I’ve weighed all year. It was all downhill from there for a while. Still working on it!

9th – Um. So when I write “clean my teeth” as a to-do list item for the day, I think I’ve hit a new low. WTF?

11th – I went to an awesome music festival (a definite highlight of my year). I think I’m not young anymore, because my list of things to remember to take included: tissues, Nurofen and spare warm clothes to keep in the car. Officially old.

16th – Date night! We went and saw Ahn Do’s show The Happiest Refugee. Seriously worthwhile. I’d already read his book (and my parents had even bought the children’s version for the Little Mister to keep) and it was amazing. I recommend it to anyone who has issues with so called ‘boat people’. It will open your mind like you would not believe. Also, DATE NIGHT.

26th – Mr Unprepared snored again. I was not happy.


5th – Went grocery shopping with my mum. The Little Mister became emotionally attached to a bottle of distilled water. He was devastated when the two of them were separated. Heartbreaking, really. Odd child haha.

12th – Cleaned the house because we were having a visitor. Yes. That was the only reason I cleaned the house.

25th – The Little Mister scribbled all over this page of my diary. It’s his favourite activity. I end up letting him because it is kind of cute.

27th – Mr Unprepared was home from work sick. I wrote underneath with a little arrow “pain in the bum!” Ah, man flu.


2nd – I made a note to blog about being tired. I’m sure it was very insightful and original.

3rd – I made a note to blog about food/hunger and nap time. Wow. Scintillating stuff. Luckily for you all, I don’t think I followed through on this threat.

4th – On this day, we received the sad news that my Nana had passed away. Then my diary contained our Chinese takeaway order for dinner. We spent $60 on the stuff. Between two people. Emotional eating was always my thing.

9th – I attended a quiz night with some friends. We got 37/64 questions correct. Turns out I am terrible at geography and general knowledge. Also bad at remembering historical dates. So basically, I’m not the best person to have on your team. Might be best to remember that.


13th – Baked with the Little Mister for the first time. The crushed egg shells and flour footprints were totally worth it. He was so proud of himself. Of course he did the all important job of helping to ‘lick’ the bowl. The muffins were rather irregularly shaped and a little hard, but they tasted like love. AWWWW.


17th – Mum gave us free movie passes so to thank her for the favour, we asked her to babysit. Haha. Sucker.

30th – Mr Unprepared and his brother went hiking and camping in trying conditions overnight. I showed my admiration and compassion by taking the Little Mister to dinner at my parents, where my brother cooked the most amazing hearty comfort food (creamy chicken and bacon pie anyone?). I sent Mr Unprepared photos regularly as each course rolled out. He sent me a photo of his manky feet in his tiny tent as the weather swirled around him. I’m so nice.


25th – “Aim of the day: Get Little Mister to have a freakin’ nap!” Things were going well, then?

27th – I broke up with our local Asian takeaway franchise. It was a sad day, but it needed to happen. As I ate my disappointing meal (which looked and tasted different every time I ordered it) and reflected on the fact that their EFTPOS system had broken down YET AGAIN, I knew it was time to say goodbye. Also, the fact that I called to place an order and they said I couldn’t order ANYTHING that was fried because the fryer was broken. WHAT?! NO SPRING ROLLS? THAT’S IT. I QUIT.


14th – Bought a new oven to replace my dead one (RIP) and all was right with the world again.

21st – Paid off my car. Such an exciting day.

22nd – Car wouldn’t start.


20th – Had dinner with two of my favourite girlfriends. We ended up at an Asian restaurant where the girl who served us was amusingly sour faced. We were greeted with an almost sarcastic sounding “Are you right there?” Um. Yes. We were standing at the sign that said, “Please wait here to be seated”…”HERE ARE YOUR MENUS” as she chucked them onto the table and huffed off. “ARE YOU FINISHED EATING?” as she tried to take our dishes out from under us. I actually had food on its way to my mouth hole at the time. “NO I AM NOT FINISHED.”

27th – Today my husband gave his iPhone 5 a bit of a rinse and spin cycle in the washing machine. It all played out in slow motion after a lovely day at the beach. He had put his work clothes in the wash and forgotten his smart phone addiction while we headed out for a lovely family afternoon. You should have seen his face as he searched all the logical places: my car, his car, beach bag, our bedroom, every other room, his work bag…eventually, it became obvious what had happened. We tried that whole put-it-in-rice technique to dry it out, but it was too late. Mr Unprepared now has my old iPhone 4, with the dodgy home button. Poor fella.

Also, on this day, my dog learnt how to photo bomb. I have very few photos from the day that didn’t look like this.



1st – Went to a local farmers’ market for the first time. Felt like one of those people who go to farmers’ markets. All the feelings: hungry, inspired, SMUG.

9th – Took the dog to the vet for her vaccination. When no-one was looking, I weighed the Little Mister on the big digital scales they have there. I am such an awesome parent. Oh yeah, and the dog is happy and healthy haha.

10th-13th – Got the sickest I’ve been since having the Little Mister. Whinged a lot on Twitter. Sorry about that.

Of course the December list is incomplete, but I will make the predictions that it will be ridiculous (hopefully the good kind of ridiculous) and full of eventful moments. There’s Christmas where we run around like chooks with our heads cut off (and hopefully have a wonderful day shared with the Little Mister watching his joy), a hens night, a wedding, a 60th birthday celebration for a dear family friend, dinner with a friend, and quality time as a little family.

If I had to describe the year in a nutshell, I’d say it was a year of growth. It wasn’t always pleasant. There were challenging times and losses throughout. But everything felt like it was headed closer towards a place we want to be. I truly hope 2014 will seem a lot easier going and full of positive adventures, but I don’t regret this year. It all played out the way it needed to. Also? The Little Mister has been at an amazing, fun age full of huge developmental spurts. I wish I could bottle it 🙂

How was your year? Love it? Hate it? Somewhere in between? What are your hopes for 2014? x

What Christmas means to me.

I love Christmas. I always have. It has never been all about the gifts I’ve received from Santa or my loved ones (although lots of excitement was to be had during my childhood), but it’s always been about love and family. It’s a time of year that we all come together and celebrate each other. It’s a really conscious effort to celebrate the joy of giving. I think I was asked once, when I was younger, what I loved more – my birthday or Christmas. Although, I do love birthdays (no matter how scarily old I get), I knew my answer straight away. Christmas. Of course it was Christmas. Because on my birthday, I was the only one receiving gifts but at Christmas time, everyone was special. Yeah yeah. I’ve always been a corny motherf*cker at heart.

And holy crap, it’s NEXT WEEK.

So what does Christmas mean to me? I was going to write a massive essay on the topic, but I imagine your brain might be frazzled as the silly season takes its toll. Enjoy this graphic 🙂



Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate this time of year)!

Stay safe and find joy xxx

Operation Big Bed: The first week.




So last week I wrote about how we prepared to move the Little Mister into a toddler bed. I guess it’s time for an update. I don’t know if anyone has actually been waiting for this post with bated breath or not (don’t answer that haha), but here’s how the first week went! I suppose I’m recording it here not only for my own memory making, but also because I know I found it comforting reading about other peoples’ experiences before we took the plunge ourselves. For some reason I found it weirdly daunting. It was a new level of independence for the Little Mister to move up to, so maybe that’s why.

Well, let me tell you. It wasn’t all yo-yo kid in and out of bed. It wasn’t doom and gloom and sleepless nights. What an awesomely pleasant surprise!! I’m sure there are some crazier times to come (he’s just beginning to realise the extent of his freedom), but the first week has made me hopeful!

We decided to move the Little Mister on a Saturday night. Partly because I was all super psyched up, but mostly because we figured there’d be two of us parental units able to take on any crazy nocturnal antics, should the transition not go so smoothly.

The Little Mister got really excited about his ‘big boy bed’. He enjoyed climbing in it and pretending to sleep. All week, he would take any opportunity to jump into his bed. He loves it so much. I think it might be starting to backfire a tiny bit, though because he wants to play in bed. We don’t really let him – we want him to associate it with sleep and quiet time – but he is seriously smitten and starting to think it’s fun time.

The toddler bed is a converted cot, so it has 3 sides still. We didn’t put a side barrier up for him as it’s quite low and the floor is carpeted. I hoped this would gently teach him how to learn to sleep in a bed without rolling off the side. I think it’s worked. The first three nights he fell out of bed twice a night. The fourth night, only once. The fifth night not at all and from then onwards, he’s slept a lot straighter in his bed with no little bumps in the night! Yay! He even started sleeping well under the covers, instead of on top of them – huge victory!

The first couple of days/nights the Little Mister was so good. Once he was in bed, he stayed there. Even when he woke up, he waited patiently for me. This had both its pros and cons. If he dropped his blankie or dummy, he didn’t realise he could get up and solve his own problems. BUT…it meant he stayed still and didn’t start running around his room.

A few days later, he realised he had the ability to solve his problems. He would climb out of bed for anything he dropped, climb back into bed and the cutest thing I ever saw on the video monitor was when he rearranged his pillow ‘just so’ (after moving it to find his lost blankie), before going back to sleep. He required zero intervention, which made me so happy (for myself haha) and proud.

By last couple of days of the week, he would sometimes climb out and then think better of it and climb right back in. It was so funny. I think he knows he’s being watched haha.

He’s starting to stray a little and has skipped a couple of naps – although I suspect that has more to do with him not being tired enough. He needs some gentle reminders to go to sleep, but he’s doing really well. Hey, he’d skip some naps when he was in a cot too, anyway. It’s just that he has more freedom now.

A week into Operation Big Bed, the Little Mister stayed at my parents’ house while my husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary at a concert. It was the first time he’d sleep in a ‘big boy bed’ away from home. My parents have a great trundle, which is low to the floor and was perfect for the Little Mister to sleep in. AND GUESS WHAT? HE SLEPT THROUGH! I think his grandies played a part in tiring him out too haha. I’d taken him over to see it and get used to it a couple of days earlier and it seemed to do the trick. We made a big fuss of him and the bed, telling him how fun it would be to come over soon and sleep in it. He understood right away. Yay!

Overall, the transition has gone quite well (so far…). As the Little Mister’s awareness of how far he can push his luck grows, so too does his comprehension of what is expected of him. I truly hope the two will KIND OF balance each other out (stop laughing at me – I’m trying to be optimistic)! We have had no weird disasters with childproofing catastrophes and the Little Mister has not been traumatised (nor have we!). I feel so relieved.

Now wish us luck for the next few weeks, which will involve more grandparent sleepovers and toddler antics (no doubt)!