What Christmas means to me.

I love Christmas. I always have. It has never been all about the gifts I’ve received from Santa or my loved ones (although lots of excitement was to be had during my childhood), but it’s always been about love and family. It’s a time of year that we all come together and celebrate each other. It’s a really conscious effort to celebrate the joy of giving. I think I was asked once, when I was younger, what I loved more – my birthday or Christmas. Although, I do love birthdays (no matter how scarily old I get), I knew my answer straight away. Christmas. Of course it was Christmas. Because on my birthday, I was the only one receiving gifts but at Christmas time, everyone was special. Yeah yeah. I’ve always been a corny motherf*cker at heart.

And holy crap, it’s NEXT WEEK.

So what does Christmas mean to me? I was going to write a massive essay on the topic, but I imagine your brain might be frazzled as the silly season takes its toll. Enjoy this graphic :)



Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate this time of year)!

Stay safe and find joy xxx

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